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Nevermind the World – poem

How Do I Love Thee!

Image by charissa1066 via Flickr

Nevermind The World

You’ll call
Something has happened
I won’t ask
I’ll jump in the car, no coat
Every red light lasts too long

You’ll giggle
Something delights you
I won’t ask
I’ll follow your gaze to a caterpillar
Every little thing is cause to celebrate

You’ll knock
Your cheeks wet, eyes red
I won’t ask
Your sobs will drench my shoulder
The silence will be loud and long

You’ll laugh
Your belly bouncing with each breath
I won’t ask
Your eyes will bubble like champagne
That’s reason enough to celebrate

You’ll reach out
Eventually we all need help
You won’t ask
I’ll cast others aside, jump in
No professional could last as long

You’ll chuckle
Eventually we must choose humor
You won’t ask
I’ll wipe away the chocolate pie
No mess will negate what we celebrate

You’ll ask
Your arms weak, hands cold
I won’t mind
Your joy will be my agenda that day
Our time together may not be long

You’ll smile
Your eyes fixed on me, my face
I’ll smile too
You mean what you say in that way
Together another day, I’ll celebrate

You’ll wonder
Do I mean anything to the world?
You mean the world to me
I could never celebrate you too long


On the Edge (Sur Le Bord) – image with poem (en français aussi)

The reader should understand that translation of poetry requires one to be less literal, less exact, in order to preserve implied meaning and artistic elements of sound and appearance. I have done my best to present here a poem that would be accepted as well-written by both an audience whose native language is English and one whose native language is French. However, I can promise neither.

[en anglais]

I dance
on the edge of night
like the flight
of Autumn leaves
Let me rest
before Winter steals
away my breath

The music
of madness compels
I twist and turn
on toe til I bleed
on a stage
empty of all but me
in the dark

~Callisse J. DeTerre, copyright 10 October 1988, last revised 08 June 2011

[in French]

Je danse
sur le bord de la nuit
comme le fuite
des feuilles d’automne,
Laissez-moi me reposer
avant l’hiver me vole
ma capacité à respirer

La musique
de ma folie me force
Je file et je me tords
sur la pointe des pieds
afin que je saigne
sur une scène, vide
sauf pour moi qui
est danse dans le nuit

~Callisse J. DeTerre, 10/10/88, rev 08/06/11

The Spirit Takes Flight – poem with image

"The Spirit Takes Flight"

I created the above image by combining primarily photo manipulation techniques with a little computer graphic painting. The original photo was of a sunset taken by me outside of a memorial service for the mother of a long-time neighbor and family friend. The photo’s setting and artistic process, as much as the final product, inspired the poem I wrote (below) to accompany it.

The Spirit Takes Flight
~~to the all the artists who inspire my poetic muse~~

When I stand on my head,
as the sun slips away
and imagine the sky
in soft shades of gray,

I see the white wings
of the Spirit take flight,
shielding me from
the onslaught of night.

copyright 01/20/11

I Care – poem for internet friends

I Care
*Dedicated to my very special friends on the web…*

Sometimes the hustle of life holds me hostage.
Other times timidity ties me in knots.
Explanations and excuses that stretch on extinguish
the light of love meant to hold you, but it matters not
when or ever we last stood face-to-face
or how long or how little we are acquainted,
here in this place, our cyber-connection,
sometime when I needed it most, kept me going.
So -whether it’s with illness, inner pain, or confusion
that your struggle calls out to me – I want you to know,
even when you do not hear or see my words,
even when my conscious has no thought of you,
I am with you. For my heart shares its abundance of love and
my soul answers your cries with the tenderest of embraces.
Be assured I haven’t forgotten you. You are unforgettable.
And don’t ever think no one cares because I do.

(This poem was previously published  on a site called DailyStrength. I’ve since revised it.)

On One Thief I Wait – poem

"Satan Sowing Seeds" by Felicien Rop...

Image via Wikipedia

The poem below reflects my thoughts on The Holy BiblePsalm 49: 4-9 and Matt 24: 37-44.

This poem was first published December 09, 2010 at and last updated there March 18, 2011. The version below reflects further revision. Please respect copyright.

On One Thief I Wait

Why should I tremble as darkness falls
when thieves of worldly riches strike?
That I should be unburdened would be a blessing
for they cannot take my Light.
But I dare not slumber as night draws near
for on One Thief I wait with hope
that I might be a treasure worth retrieving
before the rage of Satan‘s reign bursts forth.
Catch me not napping when He tiptoes in
to steal the ready and the waiting,
the righteous and sinners forgiven both.
Good Thief, do not steal Yourself from me.
Gripped by this fear of losing Your love
I will rage, rage against the dying of the light.*
As long as I’m awake, there is no night.
For on One Thief I wait and will not slumber.

*Dylan Thomas