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Welcome! Glad you’re here! Let me start off by saying that some of what is below I drew from each bio on my previous blogs, the earliest bit from October 27, 2010. Also, my posts sometimes include material previously published and copyrighted, but until now they were available only to a relatively small audience. It’s hard to believe that is was both so recently and so long ago that I started blogging.  You see, I’m updating this About page and it will be August 6, 2011 by the time I publish this. I decided to take a break, following a bout of poorer health recently, to do a little upkeep and updating to my site before I resume regular posting.

If you’ve already read some of my blog and haven’t yet deduced it, all of the contributors are the same person! When I started using WordPress some months ago, I didn’t know you could have one account with different blogs. So I came up with different user names to establish multiple blogs. I thought it would be boring to write the same bio on each so I created a persona, truly but not the complete me, for each user name. Why did I have different blogs in the first place? Well, I’m a complex person with many different interests and personality quirks, but I thought people would prefer a focused blog. However, with several health issues, my logging in and out of, posting to, and managing the comments for three different blogs was impossible! I took a break to “regroup” and then that’s exactly what I did, grouping 3 blogs into one new on.

As for this blog, I know no blog can be all things to all people, but I wanted to created a site with a well-organized variety of posts. I feel a need to share my experience, strength, and hope beyond private diary pages.  I began this blog by importing some previously published articles for your enjoyment and benefit. I’ve had a number of blogs, but had trouble following through because of health issues. I gave up on trying to keep the outpourings of my mind categorized by blog. So, now, let’s just say, I have very assorted opinions, interests, and gifts to offer on this one blog.

Likewise, you, as readers, bring your unique offerings too.  I hope you’ll comment on the posts because I want to know what you think and feel.  That’s what connecting, being human is about.  I’m hoping that my words are  not wasted ones, in the sense that someone finds them useful. And I hope you’ll share the posts so I can enjoy the feedback of even more people. We can entertain, engage, encourage and educate each other.  Many times, reader comments seed new postings, as well, so check back to see if you have played the role of my muse. You may leave any comments unrelated to a specific post, your general inquiries, your constructive criticism, and any topic ideas on the Contact page.  You may also read important notices, catch up on site updates, and express your desire to be a guest or regular contributor on Variegated Vision.

When I first started this blog, I decided to experiment and keep the personae of my previous blogs, calling upon them to reflect the tone of new posts as well. I was curious as well to see, with the writings right next to each other, whether someone would notice. I don’t know for sure how many did, but only one person told me she did. Anyway, after a month, I decided the experiment had lasted long enough. After being locked out of posting due some computer problems, I decided it was a good time to “come clean”. Although it was a little fun talking about myself here and in comments on other blogs as if I was a group of people, I’m just way to honest and easily confused to keep the farce up. Besides I was a little worried I might end up getting carried away and develop separate personalities. Lol!

Now, perhaps you’ve wondered about the name of this blog. Aside from liking consonance, I did have other reasons for the name. You see, I have an idealistic vision of a world where our uniqueness is apparent and valued, while blending to make a greater and a more beautiful whole like an afghan of variegated yarn. My grandmother made such an afghan once. It has long been a cherished friend and now keepsake. So, I look forward to sharing my personal quirks, creative passion, and miscellaneous ramblings. I have very broad interests and my mind is always going, so what I write reflects that. I also like to pair up pithy quotes with illustrations. I appreciate you, my readers, as we now venture together. I hope readers and future contributors will share their unique perspective of the world. And now a few words about this blog’s current “contributors”…which all happen to be me, now most commonly known as MOLLYJAYNE40. Farewell for the moment and happy reading!

I, as Memje, was the admin for a blog called, MESH: Memje’s Experience, Strength, & Hope. Most of my posts had to do with my journey through recovery, my journey through life. Much of what I write are tools and guides I developed for myself. I’ve shared here and there snippets of my personal story and, where appropriate, the stories of others. I’ve reflected on how and where I’ve drawn strength to carry on and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. In these posts, I do not purport to be a professional in medicine, therapy or any other field. I do not have all the answers. I cannot guarantee that anything I say will benefit you or keep you from harm. I only know my story and what has helped me, including the fact that what I’ve shared has helped me and others. Likewise, through the experience, strength and hope of others, I have grown. Take what you need and leave the rest.

I, as Mojeda Poet or Moje Da Poet, was a first-time blogger as the admin of Moje Da Poet: Meditations & Musings. I also have in the past used online journals and email lists to share meditations via the web. I am often frustrated by not being able to find a way to utilize the gifts I’ve been given to give glory to God and to further God’s kingdom due to the challenges presented by my health issues. I honestly don’t remember how I happened upon blogging, but it has in part given me the venue I’ve been looking for. I try my best to let the the Holy Spirit speak through my writing, but I know that even where I fail, the Spirit will bring you the message you need to hear if you are but open to the God’s voice.

Often my writing posted here will reflect themes of spirituality, philosophy, and personal growth. These offerings usually share what I’ve learned through my personal inquiry and reflection. Nothing I write intends to substitute for psychotherapy/counseling or advice from any trained professional. And unless I provide citations, you can only trust my memory and understanding regarding the “facts” I present. I am merely sharing my thoughts and the lessons that have learned. Much of my writing includes aspects of my fascination with words. I’m a big fan of etymology. I also like creating acronyms for conceptual words. If you are curious to know how I came to “define” a word as I have, please ask me on the “Contact” page.

If you have ever run across the name, Callisse J. DeTerre (callissejdeterre) before, I admit this is a pen name I’ve commonly used when writing poetry or conveying less popular spiritual beliefs or revealing uncommon characteristics of myself. I just used to feel more free to express every facet of my being behind the safety of constructed anonymity. I tend to reveal myself most through poetry, but I also write what Spirit directs. I mean the latter quite literally. Sometimes it feels as though what I write has largely bypassed my brain. I reread what I write and don’t recall thinking it. I marvel at the profoundness of a thought or how it has been conveyed and really feel I must give thanks to my Higher Power for something nearly as new to me as any who will go on to read it.

We’re all special, a part of something bigger. We’re each an instrument in God’s orchestra, our lives integral to the symphony of all that is. I am what one doctor/author termed a Highly Sensitive Person. I have a strong sense of intuition, but get easily overloaded by sensory stimuli. While I need space and time alone to recharge, sometimes the connectedness I feel with others leaves me with a sense of being really disconnected from the world around me. I don’t know how to explain it except to say that sometimes I feel lost in the complexity of my inner world.

If you like what I write, I hope you’ll comment. I also welcome constructive criticism, but please refrain if you have nothing kind to say.  I also invite you to share your creative writing with me as well. I tried starting an online journal, once, but I didn’t know how to promote it and the responsibilities of being an editor detracted from enjoying my writing. So, please be clear about what kind of feedback you would like. I do not wish to offend anyone by providing editorial comment if it’s undesired.

So, this blog is indeed one of variety, not because it is written by multiple contributors, but because I see the world with variegated vision. Finally, blogging is a pastime to me. I attend to it when time allows but as quickly as I can. Please practice patience in expecting my next post or any replies. As a person, I am empathetic, open-minded, inquisitive and determined . I enjoy these same qualities in others. I though perhaps I might still use my pseudonyms as people have come to expect certain things from certain ones, but I wanted you all to know, WE are ME and happy to be. So mostly, you can expect future entries to be authored by “Molly Jayne40”. Take me or leave me – all of me; this is who I am. Blog on!

I’m known as Molly Jayne40 at these sites, which (except for Twitter) I update even less than here.
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Pithy Ponderments

I’ve written poetry for a number of years, mostly under the following names, Callisse J. DeTerre (callisejdeterre) and Callisse J. or CJ Land. The first site below archives a small portion of my poetry. I’ll continue to add. The second is a forum for poets to critique each others’ work. It, therefore, reflects some of my work in progress.
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