Cast aside what tells you that it is the source, for there is only one True Source and the Truth does not clamor to be heard. What is of Truth reveals itself without assistance. Truth comes in the silence and stillness that resides between extremes. When you find balance, you will find serenity, for balance is it’s source, but all of life on every plane in seeking it will swing ever further away and back again to the Center because movement, vibration is of life itself. We cannot otherwise know stillness. And rushing past and through Spirit, the silence is broken.

So, it is with open eyes and ears, that I exist for I cannot know Truth or Light without exploring the dark and deception of this worldly plane. And as my path crosses those of others, I remind myself that the more critical my mind, the less judgmental will I be. For you see, the critical mind pays attention, notices details, seeks fact, asks questions, recognizes perspective, desires consensus, stands firm and yet bends. The critical mind is attuned to the the Truth and in seeking it gains Wisdom. From this conjoining the True Self is given birth, the Self that knows it’s greatest sin is to have forgotten it is one with the True Source, that it became full of itself by forgetting It IS because It was made to Be.

The True Self remembers. The True Self knows it IS. The True Self believes because it sees in the Light, hears the Truth and speaks with the voice of Spirit. The True Self forgives because It refuses to embrace any pain but It’s own. The True Self is Co-Creator of It’s Life, Imaginator of what could be. The True Self lives forever because Now is a moment like no other and the only one that Truth will see. The True Self is never lost because Light fills It’s ears and guides It’s way.