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The poem below reflects my thoughts on The Holy BiblePsalm 49: 4-9 and Matt 24: 37-44.

This poem was first published December 09, 2010 at http://www.poemhunter.com/ and last updated there March 18, 2011. The version below reflects further revision. Please respect copyright.

On One Thief I Wait

Why should I tremble as darkness falls
when thieves of worldly riches strike?
That I should be unburdened would be a blessing
for they cannot take my Light.
But I dare not slumber as night draws near
for on One Thief I wait with hope
that I might be a treasure worth retrieving
before the rage of Satan‘s reign bursts forth.
Catch me not napping when He tiptoes in
to steal the ready and the waiting,
the righteous and sinners forgiven both.
Good Thief, do not steal Yourself from me.
Gripped by this fear of losing Your love
I will rage, rage against the dying of the light.*
As long as I’m awake, there is no night.
For on One Thief I wait and will not slumber.

*Dylan Thomas